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At Connley Walker, drawing upon our extensive background in security consulting, we have discerned a recurring concern among our esteemed clients. They are frequently advised to provide comprehensive security training to their personnel, yet they often grapple with budgetary constraints, stringent timelines, and infrastructure limitations, impeding the implementation of such programs effectively. In response to this prevailing challenge, we have embarked on the establishment of our dedicated training portal. Our primary objective is to empower businesses with complementary, high-calibre security training, effectively removing the hurdles posed by additional resource allocation. Our commitment lies in assisting businesses in the realisation and seamless execution of successful security training initiatives for their workforce, thereby fostering a safer and more secure operational environment.

Our Courses

Explore our comprehensive range of security training courses designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of security challenges.


Active Armed Offender Training for Owners and Operators

Escape Hide Tell

Active Armed Offender Training for Individuals


Advanced Electronic Security Technologies


Identity Protection: Safeguarding Your Personal Information from Identity Theft


Comprehensive Security for Residences and Home Offices


Mastering Workplace Conflict Resolution and De-escalation


Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Awareness and Response


Understanding Your Organisations Risk Culture

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Our online courses are 100% free of charge - no hidden fees, subscriptions, or costly upgrades.

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Our courses are on-demand and online, meaning users can access learning material anytime and anywhere.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our team is deeply committed to the ethos of knowledge sharing within the security community. We view this platform as an opportunity to contribute to the collective security knowledge pool and enhance overall safety. By freely sharing our expertise, we empower security professionals with the skills and insights needed to excel in their roles. This commitment to knowledge sharing is what drives us to offer top-tier training without any hidden fees or compromises.

The training courses offered on this website are not provided as part of a formal qualification. No accreditations are therefore applicable.
Our courses are crafted by industry experts and cover a broad range of security topics. They offer comprehensive skills development and serve as valuable refresher training for security professionals. We focus on providing practical knowledge and expertise to enhance your security capabilities in real-world scenarios.

No. Our free training courses cover a broad spectrum of security topics, from foundational principles to advanced techniques. We ensure that learners receive comprehensive, in-depth knowledge without restrictions. We want to empower individuals and businesses with the tools they need to enhance their security posture, and that means providing complete training resources.

Yes, we provide comprehensive management tools for supervisors or administrators. These tools enable managers to oversee staff progress, export detailed training results and progress reports, and manage their team effectively by adding or removing staff users as needed.

To create an account, please visit our registration page and complete the required fields with your details. After completing the registration, you will promptly receive a welcome email to initiate your access. We look forward to welcoming you to our platform.

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